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Directmall > LP Wan Yantaseelo, Wat Pa Phu Keng, Kalasin **Charm & Luck > PDMAA5897
PDMAA5897 : Strong Magical Wax Named SEE PHUENG NAMTA HAENG by LP Wan Yantaseelo, Ordinary (LP Wan Yantaseelo, Wat Pa Phu Keng, Kalasin Province)
with Katha: Metta_Master
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Size case diameter 3 cm
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100% Authentic from Temple

Name: See Phueng Namta Haeng, ordinary

Size: case diameter 3 cm

**made of beeswax stirred with Thai charm plants

**Power: This wax is so strong in charm. These are its powers:
1. Makes owner become a favorite of people
2. Makes owner become attractive towards the opposite sex
3. Makes owner successful in flirting with someone
4. Makes owner lucky
5. Makes owner get love from person he loves
6. Helps seller sell very well.
**Do not use in a bad way.

From: LP Wan Yantaseelo, Wat Pa Phu Keng, Kalasin Province

Origin: Thailand

Objectives: proceeds for developing and restoring Wat Pa Phu Keng

Ceremony: LP Wan fully intensively blessed this collection.

About the Guru Monk:
LP Wan Yantaseelo, well-known as “Phra Ajarn Wan Ta Thip” is a skilled guru monk, a current abbot of Wat Pa Phu Keng in Kalasin Province, Northeastern Thailand. “Phra Ajarn Wan” is what people call LP Wan. “Ta Thip” means “magic eyes”. People say LP Wan knows the future because he can tell people’s horoscopes. In fact, LP Wan has astrological knowledge. LP Wan keeps on magic of his master “Luang Pu Yai or Phra Thammasoonthorn” who was a former abbot of Wat Pa Phu Keng. Luang Pu Yai passed away at age 108 and after death his body does not decay. Luang Pu Yai taught LP Wan dharma and mantra. Additionally, LP Wan used to be a hermit (Lersi) and learnt magic from many magical masters.

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