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PDMAB9033R : Wealth & Protection B.E.2536 LP Liew Holy Powder Amulet – Sae Yid (88th birthday) Batch (LP Liew, Wat Raithang Thong, Nakhon Phathom province)
with Katha: TT_LPLiew_Master
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Don’t miss good occasion to worship powerful amulet

Name: LP Liew holy powder amulet

From: LP Liew, Wat Raithang Thong, Nakhon Phathom province

Material: this powerful amulet created from holy powders.

Batch: "Sae Yid" (88th birthday of LP Liew)

Year: B.E.2536 (C.E.1993)

Ceremony: LP Liew strongly blessed this powerful amulet by himself on auspicious day with mantra and mind stream.

Powerful: LP Liew amulet is very famous in Thailand and abroad because the experiences of wealth, good luck and business. Moreover, LP Liew amulet is very good in harm protection.

Present: Backside of the amulet has turtle Yant of LP Liew which great for calling fortune, good business and wealth.

Biography of LP Liew:

LP Liew was born on 7 December B.E.2448 (C.E.1905) at Ratchaburi province. LP Liew’s family is poor that LP Liew helped he father and mother to make farm since he was boy. There were thief stole buffalos and cows of LP Liew’s family many times that make LP Liew decision to study the magic for protect his family and property. LP Liew went to study the magic from Karien magical expert name AJ Mong that he stayed at frontier between Thailand and Myanmar with 2 cousins. Moreover, while journal 1 of LP Liew’s cousin died by malaria fever that made another afraid and came back the home before studying. Therefore, had only LP Liew went to study the magic. LP Liew studied the magic with AJ Mong for 3 years before came back to home that LP Liew studied the magic for protection and harm people only. After LP Liew came back home, he helped his family made farm until one day there was news that thief will arrive for stealing buffalo and cow. In the night, there were thief went to LP Liew’s farm for took buffalo and cow but they can not steal and alarmed from the farm. In the next morning, LP Liew went to the farm that had bloodstain around the farm because LP Liew made magical ox for protect his farm that LP Liew created from only clay and blessed. LP Liew ever married and had 1 son but he found out that is not the true life that he decision to ordain as Buddhist monk when he was 27 years old. LP Liew was ordained at Wat Bot, Ratchaburi province. After ordination, LP Liew went to study magic and mediation from many top monks such as LP Dang of Wat Khao Bandai It, LP Khlai of Wat Suan Khan and other. LP Liew helped develop many temples such as Wat Rai Tang Thong, Wat Sanam Yae and other.

LP Liew passed away on 4 September B.E.2543 (C.E.2000) while he was 95 years old.

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