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PDMAC1895 : Super Rich Fortune Nonstop! Naga Snake with holy white stone amulet (LP Prasit, Wat Papaksi, Nakhon Phanom Province )
with Katha: Naga_Worship
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100% Authentic from Temple

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Name: Naga Snake with holy white stone amulet

From: LP Prasit, Wat Papaksi, Nakhon Phanom Province

Size: 1.5 x 3 cm.

Year: B.E.2556 (C.E.2013)

Material: holy white stone with metal plated gold Naga snake.

Purpose of Making: to earn donations for developing and restoring Wat Papaksi.

Ceremony: LP Prasit can contact with Naga. LP blessed with mantra and mindstream until amulet absorbed power fully.

Power: This amulet can fulfill all your wishes. If you want to be rich, you will be rich with good blessing of LP Prasit.

Belief about Naga:

Naga (Thai: Phaya Nak), a serpent being in Buddhist mythology is a symbol of “wealth” believed to worship will bring agricultural fertility (because it can access the land and the water) and plenty of fortune.

Thai people believe Naga live in Mekong River. The wonderful thing by Naga is the rise of light balls that occurs every year on a full moon night when Buddhist Lent is over (15th waxing moon of 11th month according to lunar calendar). People believe Naga produces light balls to worship Buddha. That night, Naga will gather at the center of Mekong River and produce many light balls going up in the sky.

About LP Prasit:

LP Prasit is now 89 (C.E. 2013) but he looks only 60. He is an abbot of Wat Papaksi in Nakhon Phanom Province. LP Prasit is not a common monk. In the past, he was a robber. He had to hide himself all the time. Countless times, he ran away from police from guns and other weapons. But he never got injured because he has magic.
When he got older, he got bored with being a robber and was repentant. So, he decided to get ordained in order to do good things instead. After ordination, he learnt Buddha’s teachings and meditation from many worshipful monks. He appreciated being a monk. He went on a pilgrimage in the forest. He established five temples.
In C.E. 1992, on a pilgrimage, he stopped at the land where Wat Papaksi is now. He established Wat Papaksi (his sixth temple) with people in that area.
Today, LP Prasit stays at Wat Papaksi. This temple has one monk, LP Prasit. He is a good monk whom many people admire and respect. LP KumPun of Wat TaatMaHaChai, a famous monk in Nakhon Phanom Province gave LP Prasit a compliment among a lot of people that “He will be in place of me”.

Supernaturals of LP Prasit:
1) A man said that he saw a big tiger walking around LP Prasit’s meditation place. He told LP Prasit all that and LP Prasit said he knew because that tiger likes to come at night.

Wonderful Experiences:
1) A man having Takrut by LP Prasit was shot nearly but he didn’t die because the bullet didn’t come out.
2) A jail commander having one LP Prasit medal drove a car and his car overturned but still moved on. He was not injured at all.

Information about Wat Papaksi:
Wat Papaksi is located in Nakhon Phanom Province by Mekong River. This temple is in the historic site. Many ancient objects were found in this area.

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