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PDMAD1644R : Fortune-Fetching Jungle Man Face (gold face) Jow Ngoh Riak Ngoen (LP Saney, Wat Phan See, Uthai Thani Province)
with Katha: Ngoh_Master
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100% Authentic from the Temple

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Name: Fortune-Fetching Jungle Man Face (gold face) (Thai: Jow Ngoh Riak Ngoen)

Gold color represents "gold".

From: LP Saney, Wat Phan See, Uthai Thani Province

Origin: Thailand

Year: B.E.2563 (C.E.2020)

Material: metal in gold, filled with herbs and a Takrut

Ceremony: blessed by LP Saney with Jindamanee Mantra

Power: Jow Ngoh (shortly called Ngoh). Jow Ngoh (a wild man with black skin and frizzy hair who likes to put a red hibiscus at his ear) is a character in Thai literature ‘Sang Thong’ composed by King Rama II.

Jow Ngoh is part of Thai literature “SANG THONG”. In the story, a handsome prince was brought up by a kind lady giant. One day, the prince found the holy wells in the cave by chance. The first well was silver and the second well was golden. He dipped his body in the golden well and his body shone brightly like gold. Then he saw a magic wild man mask, magic shoes and a magic sword with crystal handle. He wore that magic mask and his body turned Jow Ngoh, a man with black skin and curly hair. He wore those magic shoes and he could fly.

The rest of the story says Jow Ngoh (actually a handsome prince) saw the princess named Rotjana. At that time, princess Rotjana was in the event of choosing prospective husband among many princes. The princess had to throw her flower garland to the prince she likes. When Rotjana saw Jow Ngoh, she could see the real body of Jow Ngoh that other people could not. She fell in love with Jow Ngoh. She threw her garland to Jow Ngoh and he got it. Eventually, the prince and the princess lived together happily ever after.

**IN MAGIC, according to the story, actually Jow Ngoh was a handsome prince that he got the beautiful princess Rotjana as his wife. Thus, Jow Ngoh amulet is believed to make owner charming and attractive. Moreover, it is believed to bring good luck and wealth to the owner. For wealth, the story says Jow Ngoh could catch many fish by his magic, so Jow Ngoh amulet will attract money and make good business.

About the Guru Monk:

Luang Phor Saney Katapunyo, Abbot of Wat Pansi Nong Kha Yang District, Uthai Thani Province. Born on Monday, August 10, 1931, Nakhon Sawan Province. Age 22 years, attended the ordination ceremony on April 11, 1953 at Phatthasima, Yang Khao Temple, Yang Khao Subdistrict, Phayuha Khiri District, Nakhon Sawan Province. Was nicknamed Katapunyo, meaning who do good deeds. Remembering the Buddhist Lent at Wat Yang Khao Waiting to serve Luang Phor Chit, preceptor with interest in studying the Dharma. have attended the Dharma study in the Dharma Department Able to pass the exam for bachelor-master-major Dharma at Wat Noen Lek School, Muang District, Uthai Thani Province. Uthai Province. In addition, he also studied Witthayakom with Luang Por Chit. in the creation of sacred objects and talismans such as takruds, talisman cloths, holy oils, etc. More from Kamnan Boon Which is a lay disciple of Luang Phor Pring, Hat Soong Temple, as well as practicing spiritual prayer with Luang Phor Chit.


**Note to Buyer: The real item may be different according to color, size and design of amulet.
- Color deviation: The picture is the actual picture of the sample. Colors may vary slightly due to the different color settings of each monitor and the shooting light.
- Size Deviation: All dimensions are measured by hand, there may be slight deviations.
- Design: The handmade amulet, each amulet may be different unlike using machine.

This content is copyright and duplication is not permitted.

Amulets by LP Saney, Wat Phan See, Uthai Thani Province

product detail / customize add to cart $19.99
Fortune-Fetching Jungle Man Face (silver face) Jow Ngoh Riak Ngoen
with Katha Ngoh_Master

LP Saney, Wat Phan See, Uthai Thani Province

product detail / customize add to cart $40.99
Fortune-Fetching 2-Sided Jungle Man Face (Jow Ngoh Riak Ngoen) with Kring inside
with Katha Ngoh_Master

LP Saney, Wat Phan See, Uthai Thani Province

product detail / customize add to cart $19.99
Fortune-Fetching Jungle Man Face (gold face) Jow Ngoh Riak Ngoen
with Katha Ngoh_Master

LP Saney, Wat Phan See, Uthai Thani Province

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