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In Thai culture, amulets have been a significant part of daily life for centuries. Despite the rapid changes and advancements in society, the belief in amulets has endured, evolving and adapting to modern times. The notion of amulets is deeply rooted in Thai people's spiritual beliefs, and their significance is not limited to mere superstition. In fact, many Thais believe that these talismans possess superpower-like abilities that can bring them protection, good fortune, and even invincibility.

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PDMAD6740 : Great Protection: RARE Phra Kring Khlong Takhian 2495 BE (LP Phloen, Wat Nong Mai Lueang, Phetchaburi Province)
with Katha: PKR_Master
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Size 2 x 3.5 cm


100% Authentic from the Temple

Name: Phra Kring Khlong Takhian 2495 BE

From: LP Phloen, Wat Nong Mai Lueang, Phetchaburi Province

Origin: Thailand

Year: 2495 BE (1952 CE)

Material: Soil, mixed with Phong Bai Lan (magic palm leaf powder)

Consecration: properly blessed by LP Phloen

Power: Phra Kring Khlong Takhian is a renowned Phra Kring, a rare and valuable artifact found in Ayutthaya Province. Made from earth, it is considered one of the "Phra Kroo" artifacts that differ from the general Phra Kring. Despite its differences, Phra Kring Khlong Takhian still retains the characteristic of Phra Kring, which is that each Buddha image must have a hollowed-out cavity and be filled with metal bell fragments to produce a ringing sound when shaken.

Phra Kring Khlong Takhian is revered for its exceptional merits in the aspects of protection and strength, particularly in warding off evil and preserving one's dignity. Specifically, it is believed to be highly effective in repelling evil and malevolent forces, earning it a reputation as a powerful and sacred artifact.

Luang Por Phloen is a very famous maestro of Phetchaburi Province. Local people are very fond of LP Phloen's amulet and do not let it slip easily because they have a lot of experience in invulnerability as the name suggests. Found that almost everyone in the neck of a real gangster must wear this amulet with divine charisma. Stop bullets, escape safety, firearms can't shoot, can't shoot, knives and swords don't enter the flesh.

The Biography of LP Phloen :

Provost Nanthasilwat (Luang Por Phloen Thammiko) Wat Nong Mai Lueang, Tha Yang District, Phetchaburi Province, one of the monks who had knowledge in the era before 1957, at the same time as Luang Pho Chui, Kongkaram Temple, Luang Pho Thong Suk, Tanod Luang Temple, LP Tuek Wat Khao Tamon, LP Daeng Wat Khao Bandai It, LP Kaew Wat Hua Na, LP Thong Wat Khao Krajiw.

LP Phloen Thamiko, Wat Nong Mai Lueang is a monk who has Well-known reputation and respect the faith of the people People of Phetchaburi and nearby.

LP Phloen , Wat Nong Mai Lueang His original name was "Plern Prahmanee", born in the year of 1898, the son of Mr. Kaew-Mrs. Chan Prahmanee at Ban Rai Masang. Nong Kra Chet Subdistrict, Ban Lad District, Phetchaburi Province.

When he was young, Luang Por Phloen, Wat Nong Mai Lueang He helped his family earn a living by farming and sugar palm. Entered civil service as a non-commissioned police general Stayed for a while and later retired from government service.

Until he was 22 years old, he entered the ordination ceremony at Tan Kong Temple on July 9, 1921, with Phra Kru Yan Petcharat (Plang), Sala Khuean Temple. as the preceptor, Phra Athikarnput (the abbot of Wat Nong Mai Lueang, Figure 4) as Phra Kamwajarn and the rector Map Pla Khao Temple He was a young monk and received the nickname Thammiko.

LP Phloen , Wat Nong Mai Lueang Remaining in the ascetics with determination in Buddhism Live in beautiful ethical conduct and perform the duties correctly Until passing the exam, Thammatree in the year 1933

Later, villagers were invited to live at Wat Nong Mai Lueang. and was appointed as the abbot of Figure 6 and the primate of the Nong Khanan sub-district in 1946, was appointed as the preceptor in the year 1947, was conferred the rank of Phra Kru Nanthasilawat in 1968, promoted to the rank of monk is a provost First class in the royal title, formerly 1979.

Throughout the period of being under the umbrella of the Saowapat, LP Phloen, Nong Mai Lueang Temple Administration both in government education public utilities and dissemination Preach Dharma to lay people Helping the suffering of all castes Inheriting Buddhism with kindness He is respected and revered by Saha Dhammika, his disciple, and his relatives both locally and abroad. As a result, Wat Nong Mai Lueang has grown rapidly.

In science, study and study various sciences. from many glorious monks Successful completion has been praised and mentioning that he was a faculty member with a strong and magical science There were many disciples who came to study with them, such as Luang Pho Un, Tan Kong Temple, Luang Pho Sawai, Preedaram Temple, Luang Pho Lae, Phra Song Temple.

LP Phloen , Wat Nong Mai Lueang You have created a sacred object. given to the disciple to protect oneself and to bring factors to restore and develop the temple to be used for making offerings to inherit various religions by creating Phra Kring Klong Takhian Buddha image, made of palm leaf powder and created the first Phra Somdet from 1942-1952

Amulets of every model of Luang Por Phloen, Wat Nong Mai Lueang, have a high Buddha quality and have received the faith of many Buddhists and collectors of amulets.

Since 1971, I began to feel ill with chest disease, tired easily. shortness of breath So he went to the Phetchaburi Hospital doctor. (Phra Chom Klao) was inspected for 1 month. When he felt better, he returned to the temple. But the symptoms have not completely disappeared, there are still some symptoms. due to entering old age

In the end, his health deteriorated, but there were still many disciples who came to visit, including consecrating sacred objects, which he accepted every time. Close disciples asked him to refrain from accepting some inviting activities. but he refused and said: “Luang Pho loves all of you. I'm worried that you'll get hurt, I'll die anyway, but all of you. I'm worried about getting good things together. We must keep each other well.”

Later in the year 1979, LP Phloen, Wat Nong Mai Lueang You have taken a heavy path and passed away on Monday, October 22, 1979 at the age of 82 years, 60 years in monkhood.

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Amulets by LP Phloen, Wat Nong Mai Lueang, Phetchaburi Province

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