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PDMPR515 : Carry off bad luck & bad things Namrerk* 1st Batch Holy Water Bowl Luang Phor Nguen (Wat Nakawisai, Phichit Province)
with Katha: Making Holy Water
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Size width 7 inches
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100% Authentic from Temple

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Name: Namrerk* 1st Batch Holy Water Bowl Luang Phor Nguen

“Namrerk” item is a prototype before making other amulets in the batch.

From: Wat Nakawisai, Phichit Province

Origin: Thailand

Batch: “20 Pi Baramee Phra Phichit 2”

Year: B.E.2563 (C.E.2020)

Size: width 7 inches

Material: brass

Created 199 pieces.

Serial number: 197

Purpose: to earn donations to develop and restore the temple.

Ceremony: holy blessing from reverend guru monks at 3 sanctuaries and 5 dates.

Power: In Buddhism, there is a sacred bowl which contains holy water like we see a monk sprinkle holy water on people for auspiciousness with a cluster of palm leaf stalks. For worship, you pour clean water into this sacred bowl and then place it on the shelf of Buddha statues or amulets. When you chant at the shelf of Buddha, the auspiciousness will come to the bowl and make the water holy. After that, you use this holy water to drink or wash your face or your head. Buddhists believe to do that will bring them auspiciousness and good health or make them recover from illness.

Luang Phor Nguen is one of great guru monks in Thai history. He was a former abbot of Wat BangKlan and Wat Tai Nam in Phichit province. His image is usually seen in many shops in Thailand because his name is auspicious. "Nguen" means "money", so LP Nguen amulets are famous for wealth. People who do business popularly have LP Nguen amulets. They believe LP Nguen amulets can bring them more money. Moreover, Nguen amulets ever saved people from fatal accidents and are believed to protect owner from sprits and bad things too.

History of LP Nguen:
Luang Phor Nguen (former abbot of Wat BangKlan and Wat Tai Nam, Phichit province) was born on 16 September 2353 B.E. (1810 C.E.) in Phichit. He got ordained as a novice at age 12 at Wat ChaNaSongKram, Bangkok. Until age 21, he got ordained as a monk at Wat TongPu. After that, he moved to Wat KongKaRarm. He became an expert in concentration of mindfulness in Buddhist way. LP Nguen also alone went on a pilgrimage in the border of Thailand and Myanmar. In 1837 C.E., he established the temple, Wat BangKlan to promote Buddhism. LP Nguen succeeded in dharma and magic. He became one of great monks of Thailand. LP Nguen passed away in 2464 B.E. (1921 C.E.) at age 111. Although he is gone, he is worshiped widely throughout Thailand. You can see his image in most places. His amulets are very famous for protection and wealth.

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