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Preorder > No.1484: Wat Khae **Protecting & Patronizing Life > PREAB5888
PREAB5888 : Protect & Patronize Life! Brass PhraPhutthaMongkolNakaMolee (Buddha Pang NakProk) Amulet (Wat Khae, Suphanburi Province)
with Katha: Buddha_NakProk
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Stock Status Discontinued   
Size 2 x 3.7 cm


**Dear customers: This Pre-Order is closed on 30 September 2018. Shipment is around January 2019 or as soon as Pre-Order items have arrived.

**This picture is a sample, so the real item may have a different color according to material and design.

100% Authentic from Temple

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Name: PhraPhutthaMongkolNakaMolee (Buddha Pang NakProk) Amulet

From: Wat Khae, Suphanburi Province

Origin: Thailand

Year: 2561 B.E. (2018 C.E.)

Size: 2 x 3.7 cm

Material: brass

Amount: created 499 pieces.

Purpose of Making: Wat Khae the longtime temple in Suphanburi presents graceful Buddha ‘PhraPhutthaMongkolNakaMolee’ in order to contribute to the project building the chanting hall.

Ceremony: holy blessing at Wat Khae, Suphanburi Province on the auspicious occasion.

Phra NakProk (also Pang NakProk) is name of the Buddha image under the covering by Naga. This image derived when Buddha was in practice of being enlightened. Buddha sat under the big Bodhi tree (Srimahapho) and kept doing meditation. One day, it rained 7 days and 7 nights and Phaya Mujarin (king of great snakes) saw and was afraid that Buddha would get wet, so he covered Buddha with himself like an umbrella. In fact, Phaya Mujarin had faith in Buddha. When it stopped raining, Phaya Mujarin transformed himself into a human and paid respect to Buddha.

Phra NakProk has powerful power in protection against harm, dangers and bad things, bringing peacefulness and turning bad destiny to good. In fact, Phra NakProk is a Buddha image of people born on Saturday. It is propitious for people on this day to worship Phra NakProk in order to enhance their life and fortune. However, worshiping Phra NakProk is also good for people in other days.

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