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PDMAD2703R : Dispels Evil Things! Buffalo Horn-Carved Mai Kru Magic Stick, Clubhead-Shaped Top (LP Anek, Wat Preedaram, Nakhon Pathom Province)
with Katha: LPAnek_WatPreedaram
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100% Authentic from the Temple

Do not miss!

Name: Mai Kru (magic stick) with clubhead-shaped top


- Mai Kru (Guru Stick) by Luang Pho Anek, Wat Preedaram, made from buffalo horn, has great power, increases penance. It can block the bad occults, Lom Pei Lom Pat (vicious magic sent through wind) and has the power to be the superpower over all evil. Worship to solve problems in a life, career and business to be successful.

- LP Anek engraved all Yants he ever learned from teachers such as Yant Na Pathamang, Yant Suea Maha Amnat, Yant Salika Khu Maha Niyom and Yant Jung Nang Khao Horng Maha Saneh.

Materials:This Mai Kru is carved from a buffalo's horn which is rare and sacred.

- Luang Pho Anek, Wat Preedaram was a disciple who inherited the Phutthakhom from Reverend Father Sawai of Wat Preedaram The famous creator And he is still a monk who is very well educated. Faculty of the era with strong magic, he traveled to ask to learn subjects such as Luang Pho Sud, Kalong Temple, Luang Pho Ngoen. Wat Don Yai Hom, Luang Pu Buddha Wat Klang Chusricharoensuk, Luang Por Boon Wat Wang Manao.

Year: -

From: LP Anek, Wat Preedaram, Nakhon Pathom Province

Origin: Thailand

Materials:a buffalo's horn

Purposes: proceeds from amulet for developing and restoring Wat Preedaram

About LP Anek:
Luang Por Anek (a present abbot of Wat Preedaram, Nakhon Pathom Province) is a good monk who directly received magical knowledge from LP Sawai , a former abbot and a respected sacred guru monk in Thai history. LP Anek stays at Wat Preedaram. He tries his best to conserve magical knowledge of LP Sawai . LP Anek makes talismans for people to worship and his amulets are accepted by worshipers. People say that amulets by LP Anek are as holy as by LP Sawai .

About LP Sawai :
Luang Por SaWai (a former abbot of Wat Preedaram, NaKhon Pathom Province) was born in Ayutthaya Province on 18 January 1921. LP Sawai was novice at the age of 16 at Wat Preedaram and was ordained as a monk on 4 July 1941. He was ordained by LP Yai, Phra Ajarn Jerm and Phra Ajarn Pleung and was given the religious name of TiTaVaNo. He has been an expert of concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism way. Also, he commenced studies in Visha (magic) and making efficacious amulets from LP Poon of Wat MaiPinGlee-oh, LP Ngurn of Wat YaiSom, Ajarn Yung, LP Kow of Wat YaiSom, Ajarn PinRaud, Ajarn Cham, LP PaLudToo of Wat NgaungSuea , and LP PraPun ComeSing. LP Sawai went also called Tudong in the jungle alone at Northeast of Thailand. Tudong is a monk journey to gain knowledge, to build up good karma and to know the teaching of Buddha. Asian people such as Thai, Singaporian, Malaysian and Hong Kong respect LP Sawai . His amulets are famous for wealth and protection. People said that LP Sawai was a monk who possessed a lot of Metta (mercy) and Baramee (merit). LP Sawai was well-known for making Phra Khun Paen. LP Sawai passed away on 11 November 2000 at the age of 80.

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Amulets by LP Anek, Wat Preedaram, Nakhon Pathom Province

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Charm, Protection, Business! Small White-Coral Palad Khik (Ligam)
with Katha LPAnek_WatPreedaram

LP Anek, Wat Preedaram, NaKhon Pathom Province

product detail / customize add to cart $28.99
Charm, Protection, Business! Small White-Coral Palad Khik (Ligam)
with Katha LPAnek_WatPreedaram

LP Anek, Wat Preedaram, NaKhon Pathom Province

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Protection Safeguard First Batch Rian Sema LP Anek Medal (Engraved with Yants by LP)
with Katha Monk-and-Amulet_Master

LP Anek, Wat Preedaram, Nakhon Pathom Province

product detail / customize add to cart $20.19
Turn bad luck to good luck! Painted Rahu God Amulet
with Katha LPAnek_WatPreedaram

LP Anek, Wat Preedaram, Nakhon Pathom Province

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