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No.1114: Holy Amulet Sets **protect, wealth, luck, charisma

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Lucky Wan Jakkajan (Cicada Plant)
 A kind of psychedelic plant, the plant is on the soil, while the roots are underground. Instead, it has a shape that looks like a cicada, said occasionally it would become a cicada sounding from the underground again. It is amazing. Whoever owns it will give fortune, summon money, kindness, avoidance and warning as well.

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Make Merit Support Infrastructure in Wat Pa Erawan (Thammayut)

SERM DUANG: Coffin Merit Making (Donating Coffin to Non-relative Casualty)

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"I received amulets braid rope casing,they are terrific,beautiful,very strong and I can see very good design and look very Thai traditional .Next order I prefer to have like these."
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Preorder > No.2334: Grants Wealth**Pu Ue Lue Nakaratch (King Naga) Medal > PREAC1901
PREAC1901 : Grants Wealth Silver with Gold Imprint Pu Ue Lue Nakaratch (King Naga) Medal (Wat Samakkhi Dham, Bueng Kan Province)
with Katha: Naga_Worship
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**Note: This picture is an example. The real item may be different according to material, design and color.

100% Authentic from Temple

Name: Pu Ue Lue Nakaratch (King Naga) Medal

Power: Grants wealth, fortune, good business and wish.

From: Wat Samakkhi Dham, Bueng Kan Province

Origin: Thailand

Batch (Roon): "Ruay Patihan" (Rich Miracle) First Batch

Year: B.E.2565 (C.E.2022)

Material: silver with gold imprint

Quantity: 199 pcs made

Objective: to earn donations to develop and restore old permanent objects in temple

Ceremony: holy blessing performed by guru monks on the auspicious date

Legend of Pu Ue Lue Nakaratch King Naga:

According to the legend of Grandfather Rue, related to Bueng Khong Long, it is believed that it was caused by the destruction of the Naga city. which was caused by the unrequited love between the serpent and the human causing prosperous cities to collapse This area used to be the location of the city, called Rattapana Nakhon, with Phra Lue Racha is the ruler of the city, wife named Nang Kaew Kanlaya, and has a daughter named Phra Nang Khiao Kham Later, he got married to King Sam Phanta has a son named Prince Fa Rung who is intelligent, knowledgeable, and beautiful. At the time of his birth, the sky lit up. Later, she was married to Nakrinthranee, the daughter of the serpent of the underworld transforming into a human the royal wedding was arranged in a big way. the whole underground city And the city of humans (Rattanakhon) did this for 7 days and 7 nights in order to build a relationship between the Naga Raja and Lord Lue Racha. On this occasion too. The two had lived together for 3 years and were unable to have any descendants. (because of the human element and the Naga) causing grief and sorrow to both of them Later, Princess Nakrintrani fell ill, causing her human body to become a Naga as usual. By this news has spread throughout the city of Rattaphana.

And even if she casts a spell as a human the people and the gods were dissatisfied. Therefore drove Nang Nakrinthranee back to the underground city as before by informing the serpent to come and take him back before returning to the serpent asked for the family's regalia back. But the gods inflicted upon the king and could not return it due to being transformed into something else made the serpent very angry and announced that he would destroy the city of Ratanakhon and left only 3 temples left and none of the people was saved from the power of the naga. When Nang Nakarinthranee heard the news then came up to find Prince Fa Rung Until the war river was not found. Therefore returned to the underworld the city of Ratanakhon has collapsed into a "Bung Long Khong", after a long time, the words became Mekong Long. And the remaining 3 temples are Wat Don Kaeo (Wat Kaew Fa), Wat Don Pho (Wat Phothisat) and Wat Don Sawan (Wat Dan Sawan). Mao Rak). did not die with this incident either but was captured by Phraya Nakarat Along with cursing Phra Ulue Raja to transform into a Naga Staying in the Mekong Lake for eternity until a new city is born in this land Therefore, the curse of Phraya Nakarat will be cleared.

Villagers often go out to pray or pray from him to be safe every time they go fishing in the swamp or even about their work, various matters to fulfill their wishes. When there is a heartache It is mentally dependent.

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