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In Thai culture, amulets have been a significant part of daily life for centuries. Despite the rapid changes and advancements in society, the belief in amulets has endured, evolving and adapting to modern times. The notion of amulets is deeply rooted in Thai people's spiritual beliefs, and their significance is not limited to mere superstition. In fact, many Thais believe that these talismans possess superpower-like abilities that can bring them protection, good fortune, and even invincibility.

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"It is very beautiful Phra Kring..thank you very much"
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PDMAD5295 : Rare more than 200 Years Old: Protection, Invulnerability Phra Kroo Ancient Votive Tablet with Pagoda Imprint (Wat Chantharam Worawihan (Wat Klang Talat Phlu), Bangkok )
with Katha: Monk-and-Amulet_Master
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100% Authentic from the Temple

Name: Phra Kroo Pim Chedi Chulamanee (ancient votive tablet with pagoda imprint)

From: Wat Chantharam Worawihan (Wat Klang Talat Phlu), Bangkok

Origin: Thailand

Year: 2347 BE (1804 CE)

Size: 2.1 x 3 cm


Purpose: This Phra Kroo was created by former abbot of this temple in order to conserve Buddhism.

Consecration: Former abbot of this temple properly created and blessed this Phra Kroo by himself. This abbot is said to be skillful at magic and have medical knowledge to cure sick people.

This abbot buries amulets in Uposatha hall and Vihara. In year around CE1957, the Uposatha and Vihara get old and have a lot of creeper plants, so monks removed those creeper plants and found the amulet and released amulets to people to worship.

Power: Thai people believe that Phra Kroo (the ancient Buddha amulet) has superb power in protecting worshiper from harm and dangers as well as bringing good fortune and peacefulness.

**There is story that some people tried to test power of amulet by shooting with a gun. The result was that man could not press gun!!

For Your For Your Information:

Phra Kroo is a name of ancient Buddha amulets in Thailand usually more than 100 years old. Phra Kroo amulets were made by Thai guru monks in ancient time to give people as a protective talisman from dangers. The material of Phra Kroo can be earth or metal substance.

Phra Kroo amulets were important. The monks would keep the amulets well in a safe place for example in the underground chamber or under the pagoda and Buddha statue in order to prevent stealing.

When time passed, those amulets were found by a monk in the temple or sometimes by people working in the related site of amulets.

(Note: Due to ancient amulet, the real item may have stains, holes or other defects caused by time, storage and temperature accepted as uniqueness which does not interfere the power.)

History of Wat Chantharam Worawihan (Wat Klang Talat Phlu), Bangkok :
Wat Chantharam Worawihan, is a royal temple of the Worawihan type and was built during the Ayutthaya period. Originally, it was named Wat Bang Yi-Ruea Klang or Wat Klang. In the third reign of the Ratanakosin Period (King Rama 3), it was renovated by Phyra Surasena (Khun New) and its new name was given by the King who also elevated it to the status of a royal temple of the Worawihan type.
The Ordination Hall (Phra Ubosot) was initially made of brick and mortar. Once again in a dilapidated state, Phra Wisutthiwaraphon, the abbot, had it renovated in 1974 (BE 2507) and the renovation was completed in 1977 (BE 2510). Its structure was changed to reinforced concrete and made in the Chinese arcitectural style. The Phra Ubosot houses the Principal Buddha of brass in the attitude of Subduing Mara. The inside wall also features a high-relief crowned Buddha image made of teak covered by tin. The image depicts the attitude of Restraining the Ocean to Rise. The Department of Fine Arts has registered this image as a national heritage.
The Phra Wihan (VIhara) is of Chinese architectural style without ornate decorative pieces. Its structure was once made of brick and mortar and was restored as reinforced concrete at the same time the Ordination Hall was restored. A number of ancient Buddha images are housed inside.

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Amulets by Wat Chantharam Worawihan (Wat Klang Talat Phlu), Bangkok

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Rare: Best of Protection 2300 BE Phra Kroo Pim Samathi, Nur Chin Takua
with Katha Monk-and-Amulet_Master

Wat Chantharam Worawihan (Wat Klang Talat Phlu), Bangkok

product detail / customize add to cart $88.99
Rare more than 200 Years Old: Protection, Invulnerability Phra Kroo Ancient Votive Tablet with Pagoda Imprint
with Katha Monk-and-Amulet_Master

Wat Chantharam Worawihan (Wat Klang Talat Phlu), Bangkok

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