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Naga is also intertwined with the history of Buddha, as seen in various legends where they play crucial roles in protecting and assisting the enlightened one. The story of Phaya Moot-cha-lin, the great Naga who provides shelter to Buddha under the Indian Oaktree, exemplifies the deep connection between Naga and Buddhism.

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PDMAD6332R : Great Protection: Set of 2 LP Thuad Tao Reed (Iron Shape) Amulets Blessed by 59 Monks (Samnak Song Rai Noen, Prachuabkirikhan Province) 龍普托
with Katha: Buddha_LPThuad
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100% Authentic from the Temple

Name: Set of 2 LP Thuad Tao Reed (iron shape) Amulets (blessed by 59 guru monks such as LP Yid) (comes complete with the temple box)

From: Samnak Song Rai Noen, Prachuabkirikhan Province

Origin: Thailand

Year: 2538 BE (1995 CE)

Material: Holy powder (white), metal (black)

Ceremony: There were 59 guru monks joining in blessing LP Thuad amulets such as LP Yid Wat Nong Jok.

Power: LP Thuad, the Timeless Monk of Great Protection – Luangpu Thuad (1582-1682 C.E.) is a revered Buddhist monk in Thailand. He is said to have performed miracles. LP Thuad is mentioned in the early regional history of Southern Thailand, but his life is mainly preserved in oral. His journey throughout the Southern peninsula constitutes a path of pilgrimage for many of his followers.

LP Tim Dharmataro, abbot of Wat Chang Hai, Pattani province was the pioneer creator of LP Thuad amulets. Old sacred amulets of LP Thuad are considered priceless and very powerful.

Many people praise LP Thuad amulets as great as Buddha amulets. It's believed that LP Thuad amulet created by no matter where temples are, if worshiper has true faith in LP Thuad, there will be miracle the same. People in amulet circle say "whoever hangs or whatever car has LP Thuad amulet no matter new or old or temple, they will not die in violence."

People in Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia believe that amulets created in LP Thuad image hold great protective power granting safety especially saving lives of believers from dangers and fatal accidents. Power of LP Thuad is also believed to destroy bad powers, black magic and evil spirits. Moreover, LP Thuad will bring his worshipers auspiciousness, good luck, success and fulfillment in what we hope for in human endeavors.

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Amulets by Samnak Song Rai Noen, Prachuabkirikhan Province

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Great Protection: Set of 2 LP Thuad Tao Reed (Iron Shape) Amulets Blessed by 59 Monks
with Katha Buddha_LPThuad

Samnak Song Rai Noen, Prachuabkirikhan Province

Total 1 Record : 1 Page : 1

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